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Our policy will give you information about how, why and when we collect and use personal information and what we might do with it.

Whenever you are asked to provide personal information to us, we will always give you a specific privacy notice telling you exactly how that information will be used and who, if anyone, we’ll share it with. However, you should refer to this Privacy Policy for more detailed information.

Our contractual relationship with you

We collect personal information about each candidate when we enter into an agreement with to work. Typically, we collect the name and contact details, emergency contact of a candidate so we can undertake due diligence and effectively manage the contractual relationship. Details about how we manage the data collected under each specific contract are included in the clauses of each agreement.

Job applicants

We collect personal information about applicants through the application and recruitment process, always directly from candidates, previous employers or from organisations that assist us with our background checks.

Qualification checks

We check through the SIA that your badge is up to date and active to use as a frontline or other position whilst working for our clients. This is regularly checked.

Our Candidates

We collect a range of personal data about candidates in order to manage their employment relationship with us during the recruitment process, while they are working with us, at the time their employment ends and after they have left.

Former staff should contact to ask to be removed from our database if they do not want to remain.

We will hold information for up to 3 years after you have left the company.

We are registered with The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and thereby keep all records safe within the guidelines set.


Why we ask for your personal Information

We will only ask you to provide personal information if we need it. Typically, when we collect the information we will tell you why we need it, what we will do with it and whether we will share it with anyone else.


In general, we collect and use personal information where:

·        It is necessary to perform our statutory functions under the Private Security Industry Act 2001 e.g. to operate our individual licensing or to manage the business of our organisation.

·        It is required by law e.g. to comply with employment law or health and safety legislation.

·        We have a contract with you e.g. you work for us, you provide a service to us or we have approved you to do something i.e. offer licence linked qualifications or conduct approved contractor assessments.

·        You (or your legal representative) have given us your consent e.g. you signed up to receive marketing information from us, receive text messages from us or agreed to the use of cookies on our website.

We will never sell your personal information to anyone else.

Who we share your personal information with

We can only share information when the law tells us we can do so.

Please be re-assured that we do not pass your personal data to third parties for their own marketing purposes.

We share information with core service providers and third-party platforms as required for our business to function e.g. payroll providers, HMRC, clients, auditors, legal advisors etc.

We may also share and receive information we collect for our statutory purposes with government agencies in order to:

·        Conduct checks against our licensing and insurance criteria or conditions

·        To check the accuracy of information we hold

·        To prevent or detect crime

·        As otherwise permitted by law.

The agencies we may typically share and receive personal information with relating to whether you are fit and proper to hold the SIA licence are:

·        The Police

·        The SIA

·        Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

·        The National Crime Agency (NCA)

Vetting agencies (the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), AccessNI and Disclosure Scotland). CYS online LTD

Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy
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